Jean-Baptiste Say

Produce, produce --- that is the whole thing! -- Jean-Baptiste Say

A Treatise on Political Economy

The methodological lessons of Say’s Introduction to his Treatise
by Petter Sandstad
Presented at HES 2010 Annual Conference, Syracuse University

The Scope and Method of Political Economy in the Early Nineteenth Century: From D. Stewart and J.B. Say to J. R. McCulloch
by Shin Kubo

Particularly interesting in this paper is the argument he makes for Stewart deriving his method from that of Say.

Texts in french:

Say wrote several articles, encyclopaedic entries and book-reviews for the Revue Encyclopedique. The entire journal is available in PDF here:

The major articles are the following:

  • Essai historique sur l'origine, les progres et les resultats probables de la souverainete de Anglais aux Indes (On Britain's Sovereignity in India). Tome 23 1824, pp 281-299.
  • De l'objet et det l'utilite des statistiques (On the Object and Utility of Statistics). Tome 35 1827, pp 529-553.
  • De l’influence des futurs progrès des connaissances économiques sur le sort des nations (On the Influence that Future Progress in Economic Knowledge will have on the Fate of Nations). Tome 37 1828, pp 14-34.
  • De l'absentisme, et de ce que deviendra l'Irlande (Absenteeism: Or, What Will Become of Ireland?). Tome 40 1828, 283-291.

Editors: Petter Sandstad, Per Arne Karlsen