News from Wainwright & Co. Economics

A new interview with David Ranson is available here:
David Ranson on Financial Spectrum with Bill Kearney, WKXL-1450, December 22, 2010

Wainwright also has released new resarch reports. Here are some interesting highlights:

The Capitalist Perspective: Why are some saying that gold is a bad investment? As the price of gold keeps hitting new highs it becomes increasingly controversial. Is there a grain of truth in the claim that gold investors are behaving irrationally.

Equity-Market Barometer: The outlook for the general level of US stock prices in the coming year is flat to down. Companies heavily invested overseas, small-cap and growth stocks, and the mining, energy and industrial sectors should outperform.

Fixed-Income Barometer: The Fed seems to have arrived at a point where its attempts to hold interest rates down by purchasing government debt have actually pushed interest rates up. If so, bond prices have a long way to fall.

If you think they are right about interest rates, you can buy RYJUX, TBF or these instruments (be careful!).

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